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Carpet Cleaning Services

You do not have to use harsh and often toxic chemicals to clean your carpet. There is a natural way to get the clean carpets you deserve…with even better results. With my steam cleaning process, your carpet is dry in 2-4 hours, and those stains stay gone with no soil-attracting residue left behind. So clean your carpet the natural way, with better results for you, your family and your carpet.

Low Moisture Cleaning (Encapsulation Cleaning)

I use the latest in cleaning technology to restore your carpet to a like-new condition. Carpets can now be cleaned faster, and with more consistent results than the traditional hot water extraction. The encapsulation cleaning process is not as labor intensive, production rates are higher, and a higher appearance level can be achieved.

Upholstery Cleaning Services

I use the latest in cleaning technology to restore your upholstered furniture to a like-new condition. My unique method leaves your upholstery cleaner and drier than other methods because of the patented jetless technology of my cleaning tools. I bring you the latest in upholstery cleaning, a process that can even handle many of the most delicate fabrics.

Tile & Grout Cleaning Services

Now you can have your home’s ceramic tile and grout cleaned and restored to like new condition. Remember how clean those grout lines were when the tile was new? Enjoy that fresh look again with our all natural and extremely powerful cleaning method. My natural cleaners and high-pressure tile and grout cleaning tool will get your floors cleaner than you thought possible.

Pet Stain & Odor Removals

You do not have to live with those pet stains and odors any longer. Give me a call and let me restore your home’s carpet or upholstery and put your dog or cat back in your good graces. I use a multiple step process to treat most pet situations successfully. A deodorizer is applied to the carpet as a pre-spray. After being allowed to dwell, it is extracted using a powerful truck-mounted carpet cleaning unit. This unit removes as much of the contaminants from the carpet as possible. I then apply another deodorizing treatment on top of the carpet to neutralize any remaining odor.

Natural Stone Cleaning Services

Our natural stone process is similar to our tile and grout cleaning method. However, we use different cleaners and sealers specific to your type of stone to prevent wear and tear and to provide a long lasting shine.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Robere’s Carpet Care first choice for solar panel cleaning services San Diego residents trust. Solar panels are a great investment to save on you energy consumption and reducing your foot print on the earth. Living in San Diego we regularly experience dew and moisture throughout the year and naturally have higher amount of dust in our atmosphere. This dust will continue to settle on your solar panels and eventually can reduce the efficiency by blocking out sunlight from the solar panels.

With regular solar panel cleaning maintenance at your San Diego property you can make sure that your solar panels are running at optimum efficiency. Robere Carpet Care has cleaned thousands of solar panels in San Diego, helping solar panels generate the most amount of clean energy possible.