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Who’s the Escondido Carpet Cleaner Residents Trust?

Written by Robere on January 28, 2015

Looking for carpet cleaners Escondido? Good thing you found us. Not only can we do a marvelous job of cleaning your carpets, runners and rugs, we do it without harmful chemicals or petroleum products. When you’re looking for a great carpet cleaner, Escondido is where you’ll find Robere Carpet Care. Owner Brian Robere has been in the carpet cleaning business since 2001. He opened his own carpet care company in 2005. Since that time, we’ve effectively cleaned thousands of carpets around San Diego County. Give Robere Carpet Care a call at 760.443.8453 and tell us what you need.

If you are ready to hire a carpet cleaner Escondido, you will find several from which to choose. Flip through the Yellow Pages or do an online search, and you are sure to see all sorts of companies touting themselves as the best carpet cleaner Escondido. If you are okay with the idea of detergent and petrochemical residue in your rugs, any carpet cleaner Escondido will do, but if you prefer that your carpets be cleaned with all natural, non toxic cleaning solutions, call us. We are Robere Carpet Care, and when we come to clean your carpets and rugs, we leave nothing behind but wonderfully refreshed carpets that feel as good as they look.

Escondido Carpet Cleaner Robere Carpet Care

In the four years that Brian Robere worked for other carpet cleaners in Escondido, he learned a lot about the industry. Mr Robere made the effort to find out what ingredients go into a typical carpet cleaning solution. Once he became aware of all the soaps, detergents and petrochemicals contained in most professional carpet cleaning products, he decided to find a better way. After much research, Brian Robere found an ideal organic cleaning solution that is made from pure oxygen and natural citrus fruits. In 2005, he went into business for himself and Robere Carpet Care was born. Today, Robere Carpet Care is the premiere carpet cleaner Escondido and the only one that utilizes all natural, safe and organic carpet cleaning solutions. When you are ready to know more, or if you would like to obtain a no-obligation price estimate, give us a call at 760.443.8453.

The Highest Rated Escondido Carpet Cleaners

If you do an online search or crack open a phone book, you are sure to find at least a dozen local carpet cleaners. Escondido residents are concerned with keeping their homes and carpets tidy, so going into business as carpet cleaners Escondido can be quite profitable. While Robere Carpet Care enjoys a good living as carpet cleaners Escondido, we are not only about turning a profit. In fact, we are dedicated to providing Escondido homes and businesses with refreshed carpets without the use of dangerous petrochemicals or detergents that leave nasty residue. We would rather do a few jobs the right way than be busy all the time with non-organic cleaning solutions. We care about the health of our workers as well as that of you, your kids and your pets.

We are Robere Carpet Care, and we are all about being the most excellent carpet cleaners in Escondido. We are quite conscious of the environmental impact caused by some carpet cleaners Escondido. Typical carpet cleaners work with cleaning solutions that are made with petrochemicals and detergents. These are left behind as residue in your rugs. Robere Carpet Care uses only organic cleaning solutions that are made from pure oxygen and natural citrus fruit. When we’re done doing your carpets, nothing is left behind but refreshed fibers and perfectly cleaned carpets that feel as good as they look. We would love to be your carpet cleaners Escondido. To obtain a free, no obligation price estimate or to schedule your carpet and tile cleaning, please call 760.443.8453.

What do I get for my money?

All packages include the following:

  1. UV Light inspection for urine / pet contamination
  2. Pre-vacuum of all areas to be cleaned* – within reason
  3. Pretreat all food, beverage soil based stains* – red dye, yellow dye, gum, wax, urine, tar removal will be billed separately
  4. Truck-mounted steam clean and sanitize all carpeted areas with hand or rotary scrub extraction
  5. High flow and rinse
  6. Zero residue process utilizing soft water rinse
  7. Rapid speed dry / flash dry
  8. Drug Free / Owner Operator
  9. Always uniformed and clean cut
  10. On-time, guaranteed results

Trashed carpets warranty is void. However, we can recondition and restore carpet at $0.60 per square foot. Ask for pricing on your specific type of carpeting.