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Written by Robere on January 14, 2015

A clean carpet is something which separates a good home from a great home. Not only are stains and dirt extremely unsightly, but they also inflict health risks upon your family and pets, as well as decreasing the value of your property. All things considered, whether you are planning on selling your home or maintaining it for posterity, you NEED clean floors! There are many Rancho Santa Fe Carpet Cleaners, but Robere Carpet Care stands above the rest as an honest, organic, reliable company.

Rancho Santa Fe Carpet Cleaning Robere Carpet Care

There is no denying the importance of maintaining a clean home, but few people realize the dangers that often lurk within dirty carpets and upon other household surfaces. At Robere Carpet Care we make it our mission, not only to make your carpet look its best, but to provide you and your family with the safest living environment possible. Our use of an all organic cleaning solution guarantees the safety of your family and pets, an immaculately clean home, and the highest customer satisfaction in Rancho Santa Fe carpet cleaning.

Despite the common misconception of household dust as fine grained sand-like particles, it has actually been found to contain a high number of carcinogens, pesticides, and industrial waste by-products. Current theories propose that household cleaners, fabrics, and furniture all lead to the buildup of these harmful influences, which bond perfectly to the carpet, tile, and grout in your home, leaving you with three options: completely resurface your home, call an average cleaning company, or call RCC for the highest quality at the lowest price! Dust is a common problem in the dry climate of the west coast, particularly in southern California where Santa Ana winds and wild fires commonly eject carpet ruining particulates into the atmosphere.

Our Rancho Santa Fe Carpet Cleaning Process

Our carpet cleaning process is very involved and includes vacuuming, pre-treating, light furniture movement, extraction, drying and spot cleaning. The first step, vacuuming, is essential to any carpet cleaning operation; in this stage all the larger particles are removed from your carpet, making it possible for our natural pre-treatment solutions to penetrate with maximum efficacy. Unlike other companies, we do not charge additionally for our pre-treatment. It is the use of this unique process that gives us our reputation as the best in Rancho Santa Fe carpet cleaning.

Because our methods are so intricate, you are also left without the soapy residue or lingering odor that other cleaning companies often overlook. We know you expect that highest quality service and that is what our highly qualified staff provides to every single client we meet. All factors considered I am sure you will agree that Robere Carpet Care is your best option for Rancho Santa Fe carpet cleaning.

What most people don’t realize is that smoke from a fire hundreds of miles away can make its way to the surfaces of your home, especially your carpet. These toxins can build up and, if left unchecked, cause a wide range of health problems, including respiratory issues and skin irritation. Do not let your family suffer because of something that can be fixed as easily as dirty household surfaces, including tile and upholstery. Call Robere Carpet Care today for the highest quality Rancho Santa Fe Carpet Cleaning at (760)-443-8453.

What do I get for my money?

All packages include the following:

  1. UV Light inspection for urine / pet contamination
  2. Pre-vacuum of all areas to be cleaned* – within reason
  3. Pretreat all food, beverage soil based stains* – red dye, yellow dye, gum, wax, urine, tar removal will be billed separately
  4. Truck-mounted steam clean and sanitize all carpeted areas with hand or rotary scrub extraction
  5. High flow and rinse
  6. Zero residue process utilizing soft water rinse
  7. Rapid speed dry / flash dry
  8. Drug Free / Owner Operator
  9. Always uniformed and clean cut
  10. On-time, guaranteed results

Trashed carpets warranty is void. However, we can recondition and restore carpet at $0.60 per square foot. Ask for pricing on your specific type of carpeting.