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Start off the new year with a Carlsbad Carpet Cleaning

Written by Robere on February 4, 2015

Like most of us, you probably started off the new year with a resolution, maybe several resolutions. And safe to say, at least one of your new resolves had to do with cleaning up your lifestyle in one way or another. Your fitness, your diet, your work habits, etc. But as the best Carlsbad carpet cleaner, we ask what about your home? Specifically, your carpet.

Residents Recommend Robere for their Carlsbad Carpet Cleaning

Yes, your carpet. You walk in, out, and all around. Family. Friends. Pets. As you know, all that foot traffic, spills, and dust take a toll on even the highest quality carpet. And there’s dirt you can see and dirt that just makes its way through the fibers and settles. There it gets stirred up in the air you breath in the form of odors, dust, etc. And most carpet cleaning companies use harsh, toxic chemicals that linger long after the dirt is gone!

Between the dirt and the chemicals, what should you do? Easy! If you need a carpet cleaner in Carlsbad, look no further. With Robere Carpet Care you don’t have to choose the lesser of two evils. We meet your cleaning AND your healthy lifestyle needs. With our all natural, non-toxic cleaning solutions, you’ll have carpets you can be proud of and you’ll breathe a little easier knowing you’ve made the right choice for yourself and your loved ones.

How Our Process Works

We will not bring harsh petrochemicals and detergents into your home. We use only organic cleaning solutions made from pure oxygen and citrus fruits. These solutions clean your carpet 210 degrees via our truck-mounted industrial strength cleaning devices. Dirt, stains, and chemical residue from past cleanings don’t stand a chance! Call today and let us show you why we are the best Carlsbad carpet cleaner. We’ll be happy to give you a free, no obligation price estimate or schedule your carpet cleaning: Call 760.443.8453.

Integrity and Quality of Carlsbad Carpet Cleaning

Owner Brian Robere has cleaned a lot of carpets since 2001! Working for other carpet cleaners, he was discouraged by the use of toxic chemicals. Determined to find a better way, he found his current method and solutions and established Robere Carpet Care in 2005. Family owned and operated for a decade now, Mr. Robere continues to provide Carlsbad homes and businesses with the finest and safest cleaning services for carpets—tile, grout, and upholstery, too!

For all of your Carlsbad carpet cleaning needs, we are your go-to service. Whether commercial or residential, people just like you rely on us for consistent, unparalleled results. So far carpets that don’t just look clean but are truly free of dirt and toxins, call us today: 760.443.8453

What you get for your money

All packages include the following:
1. UV Light inspection for urine / pet contamination
2. Pre-vacuum of all areas to be cleaned* – within reason
3. Pretreat all food, beverage soil based stains* – red dye, yellow dye, gum, wax, urine, tar removal will be billed separately
4. Truck-mounted steam clean and sanitize all carpeted areas with hand or rotary scrub extraction
5. High flow and rinse
6. Zero residue process utilizing soft water rinse
7. Rapid speed dry / flash dry
8. Drug Free / Owner Operator
9. Always uniformed and clean cut
10. On-time, guaranteed results