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Written by Robere on December 26, 2014

There is no argument against the importance of maintaining a healthy household, but few people realize that the biggest danger to their health is right under their feet. Whether it is from wearing shoes inside, keeping pets, or simply spilling drinks, floors are much easier to make dirty than they are to clean. When you decide which Vista carpet cleaning company to utilize, be sure to consider honesty as well as the safety of the chemicals used. At Robere Carpet Care we make it our mission, not only to make your carpet, tile, and upholstery look its best, but to provide you and your family with the healthiest environment possible at the lowest price.

Vista Carpet Cleaning Procedures

You do not have to use harsh and often toxic chemicals to clean your carpet. There is a natural way to get the clean carpets you deserve…with even better results. With my steam cleaning process, your carpet is dry in 2-4 hours, and those stains stay gone with no soil-attracting residue left behind. So clean your carpet the natural way, with better results for you, your family and your carpet.

A dirty floor is not only unattractive but can harbor a number of dangers for your health. Despite the common misconception that household dust is simple fine grained particles, it has actually been found to contain a high number of carcinogens, pesticides, and industrial waste by-products. PBDEs, one class of flame retardant, have been show to affect brain development and is found in high concentrations in household dust, so much so that some researchers have found them in the carpets of every home which they have tested.

The effects of prolonged exposure are currently unclear, but you can rest assured that these toxic chemicals are in the carpet of your home at this very moment. Think about the floors of your home like you do your teeth: even if you brush them every day a cleaning from the dentist can still work wonders, making your mouth feel like brand new. Robere Carpet Care serves as the dentist in this metaphor with our fully organic, industrial powered, truck-mounted cleaning equipment, which can take on any challenge. So next time your in need of Vista carpet cleaning, think Robere Carpet Care; we will work to provide an honest, easily explained, and fairly priced service.