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Carpet Cleaning Oceanside CA

Written by Robere on December 8, 2014

When you’re ready for all natural yet highly effective carpet cleaning, Oceanside CA is a fine place to be. Why? Because Oceanside is one of the North County towns where you can find Robere Carpet Care. We utilize only natural cleaning solutions that are derived from pure oxygen and natural citrus fruits.

Nobody does carpet cleaning in Oceanside CA quite the same way as Robere Carpet Care. We are North San Diego County’s only all-natural, organic carpet cleaning company. Other carpet cleaning Oceanside CA companies may clean your carpets with detergents, soaps and unpleasant petrochemicals. When Robere Carpet Care comes and does your carpet cleaning Oceanside CA, we use an all natural cleaning solution that is made from pure oxygen and California citrus. It smells pleasant while we’re cleaning your floors, but leaves no odor or residue. No residue means your carpets may stay clean and attractive a good deal longer. Save our number: 760.443.8453. Use it anytime you would like a no-obligation price estimate, or if you would like to schedule your carpet cleaning Oceanside CA and North County.

Most of us who live in Oceanside care a lot about the environment. Why wouldn’t we– North San Diego County is one of the loveliest places on Earth. Because Robere Carpet Care is as concerned with the environment as you are, we use organic cleaning solutions when we come to do your carpet cleaning Oceanside CA. Life along the coast is wonderful, but the constant influx of sand can really wreck your expensive wall-to-wall carpet. Under a microscope, even minuscule grains of sand appear jagged and sharp. It doesn’t take much time for those tiny bits to damage the fibers of your rugs. Regular carpet cleaning Oceanside CA (or anywhere) will go far toward extending the life of your valuable carpets, runners and rugs.

What do I get for my money?

All packages include the following:

  1. UV Light inspection for urine / pet contamination
  2. Pre-vacuum of all areas to be cleaned* – within reason
  3. Pretreat all food, beverage soil based stains* – red dye, yellow dye, gum, wax, urine, tar removal will be billed separately
  4. Truck-mounted steam clean and sanitize all carpeted areas with hand or rotary scrub extraction
  5. High flow and rinse
  6. Zero residue process utilizing soft water rinse
  7. Rapid speed dry / flash dry
  8. Drug Free / Owner Operator
  9. Always uniformed and clean cut
  10. On-time, guaranteed results

Trashed carpets warranty is void. However, we can recondition and restore carpet at $0.60 per square foot. Ask for pricing on your specific type of carpeting.